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Click on the play button to watch our newest Boone & Crockett show - Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunt

BC Hunting Videos from BC Guide Outfitters

This spring we filmed again with the Boone & Crockett show! What an awesome show! 27 bears in 4 days, Grizzly and well…you will have to watch the show ....!

Part One of the show can be viewed at right, just click on the start button to begin.

Featuring an introduction by Shane Mahoney a world renowned conservationist.

Part Two of the show can be viewed by clicking on the video play button above. Follow along on a spot and stalk black bear hunt with Mark Werner and his client.

Last year BC Guide Outfitters helped put together a Boone and Crockett Country show featured on Outdoor Channel. Click on the play button at right to watch the show.

We are going to be putting regular hunting shows up so keep watching for notifications.

Click on the start button to watch the video.

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