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Special #1
Moose Hunting special

Moose Hunt 1-1 $7950
Moose Hunt 2-1 $6500

Special #2
Mountain Goat Special

Mountain Goat Hunt
1-1 for 2015 $9950

Special #3
Spring Bear Hunt Special

Spring Black Bear Hunt
Booking now for 2017

Special #4
Grizzly Bear Hunt Special

Grizzly Bear Hunt
$15,500 for 1 on 1

Special #5
Mule Deer Hunting special

Mule Deer 1-1 $4500
Mule Deer 2-1 $3950

Special #6
Whitetail Deer Hunt Special

Whitetail 1-1 $4500
Whitetail 2-1 $3950

Special #7
Moose Hunt Special

NEW Shiras Moose
1-1 for 2016 $7950

Special #8
Grizzly Bear Hunt Special

Wolf Hunt 1-1 $5950
Wolf Hunt 2-1 $5500

BC Guide Outfitters - Big Game Hunting in BC Canada

New - Guide School Now Booking for Summer 2017

Click on photos for larger version - July 2016 Guide School in progress.

Find out more about the Guide School Program - Click here.

Sitka Gear videoSitka Gear has filmed and produced a new amazing video about spot and stalk bear hunting in Northern British Columbia.

BC Guide Outfitters was happy to host this hunting party as they spot and stalked black bears with a bow.

Click here to watch the video.



Mark and the BoysBC Guide Outfitters strives to provide top quality family and selective hunting packages for the discriminating sportsman.

All hunts are conducted under fair chase and 100% legal hunting methods. With over a decade in the business our client family requested that we continue to offer a full slate of BC species including Canadian Moose, Black Bear, Grizzly, Rocky Mountain Goat, Rocky Mountain Elk, Whitetail deer, Mule Deer and Timber wolf.

We have expanded the operation to cover exclusive hunting areas from the lower skeena range to the rocky mountain trench. Within that area we operate out of several base camps with full amenities and remote camps on rivers and lakes.

We now have access to over 150 established trails taking us back into secret hunting locations and many of them with platform stands strategically placed over moose meadows , swamps and lakes. From these safe, large, platform stands we provide the hunter and guide excellent opportunity to call and glass the area.

These vantage points allow for a steady shot off the shooting rails. We also use a combination of boats gently drifting down our rivers or off a lake. 4 X 4s are used to cover these large areas. Spot and stalk with calling during the rut is the prime method. This website contains a ton of information but to get specific questions answered please call Mark.


If you are ready to book a hunt, you should contact us first to make sure your preferred time slot is available. You can confirm your booking with an online deposit to hold your spot. We have put together a list of what you should take with your on your hunt - Download Here.

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